Take the shuttle van in the morning from our shop next to Tunnel Creek Café to Spooner Lake State Park and ride the amazing Flume Trail one way back to your car at our bike rental shop and café.

The Flume Trail Mountain Bike Ride is a moderately difficult one way 14 mile ride at 7000′ to 8100′ feet in elevation with over a 1000′ of climbing in the first four miles and 4.5 miles of single track. The Flume Trail itself traverses above several steep sections, so those afraid of heights be forewarned. In this world, most spectacular vistas require traversing steep terrain.

We drop you off for this great ride at the trailhead in the Spooner Lake day use area in the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park on the east side of Lake Tahoe. We will direct you to signs leading you to the Flume Trail from this parking area via the North Canyon Road. This road runs past the old shepherd’s hut, then gives way to rolling uphill terrain through beautiful aspen groves that thrive in the Carson Range on the east side of Lake Tahoe.

The half mile of climbing past Snow Valley is where you become friendly with that shiny little granny gear on your mountain bike. You start the ride at 7000′ and climb to 8157′ giving you only 1100′ to climb so take your time and savor these ascents as they are the only ones you’ll do all day. We know you want the full Tahoe mountain bike experience. Have patience and you will be at Marlette Saddle before you know it. Know that you do not have to climb those ugly switchbacks that cross the face of Snow Valley Peak.

At the summit, a quick break under the whispering lodge pole pines quickly dries the sweat and refreshes the soul.

Next a short descent leads to the peaceful, pristine Marlette Lake. In the fall the colors at Marlette Lake are a site to behold. A mile and a half of riding on the dirt road along the shore of this beautiful lake leads to the incredible Flume Trail.

The Flume Trail is nearly flat, dropping only 40′ per mile and is spectacular in its setting. 1600′ above the east shore of Lake Tahoe and only a half mile away from the shoreline in places, it is truly one of the the premier trails in the world. Stop often and enjoy the view. Take something to eat and drink for an unforgettable picnic.

At the end of the Flume Trail, there is a 3 mile, 1500′ descent down to where you car is parked at The Flume Trail Bike shop and our Tunnel Creek Café.

Note that it is up to you to decide if you are ready for a real mountain bike and that it is up to you to know when it would be safer to get off of your bike to walk any difficult sections. If you are nervous, get off of your bike.


Yes, you want to ride the Flume Trail. What do I have to do and what is it going to cost?

If you need a rental mountain bike.

Drive to Flume Trail Bikes next to Tunnel Creek Cafe in Incline Village, NV. 1115 Tunnel Creek Road (west side of the now closed Ponderosa Ranch theme park).
Rent a bike, get on the next hourly shuttle to Spooner Lake State Park, ride back to your car 14 miles via the Flume Trail to our bike shop/cafe.
Rental mountain bikes start at $47 for the day and up, Shuttles are $18 and  includes the $2 entrance fee to the state park per person.

If you have your own bike and want to ride the one way classic Flume Trail Ride.

Park at our bike shop/cafe. Get on our hourly morning shuttle to Spooner Lake State Park and ride back to you car at the bike shop/cafe.
Shuttle is $18 and includes $2 state park entrance fee.

Feeling burly and want to do a great loop?

Park at our bike shop/cafe and ride up Tunnel Creek Road to the Flume Trail (3.2 miles up and 1450’ of climbing).
Traverse across the Flume Trail to Marlette Lake.
Then ride around Marlette and up the Hobart road to the Tahoe Rim Trail.
Climb up to Marlette Peak and then down to Twin Lakes and continue down the Tunnel Creek road to your car at our shop and café.
Free! It will cost you some sweat though! And there are many more loops to do.

Use a shuttle – no more car shuffle hassles.

Less traffic on Highway 28, a bluer lake, a greener planet, peace, and harmony across the land. Check out our exceptional selection of high end mountain bike demos.

Are you psyched? Join us!
Call 775-298-2501 or email to reserve your place today on this great ride.